Coming in 2011 . . .

Ekklesia Small Group Studies

Resources to help churches and small groups transform their worship and effectively engage their culture

Ekklesia Small Group Studies will provide a variety of opportunities for thoughtful reflection with exercises to help readers understand and apply the Bible more fully to their personal and corporate worship. After a study is completed and an online comprehension and self-assessment test is submitted, participants will be able to access a downloadable ACSI authorized Certificate of Completion. Studies will also facilitate times of prayerful consideration for each topic and the Scripture passages upon which they are based. And, since the worship of ancient Israel and the early church was equally declarative and dialogical, studies will incorporate teaching with interaction to capture this biblical model of learning.

Coming in 2012 . . .

The Worshipedia Study Bible

A Bible for the complete worshiper

The Worshipedia Study Bible will be the first study Bible built around the dynamic new Thomas Nelson translation The Voice. It will not only convey significant, scholarly information, but will be a unique and unparalleled resource to stimulate and guide vigorous and thoughtful discussions about applications of the text within the koinonia of a small group, house church, or family setting. The Worshipedia Study Bible will feature approximately 10,000 notes along with book introductions, charts, sidebars, and key figure expositions. It will also combine biblical scholarship with interactive exercises; each focusing individuals and groups alike on the redemptive nature of personal and corporate prayer, outreach, and worship. In short, The Worshipedia Study Bible will be designed to stimulate intimate, vigorous, thoughtful conversation on every scriptural theme related to personal and corporate worship.