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In the past two decades the Christian community has experienced a dynamic rebirth as churches around the world have turned their hearts and minds toward a deeper understanding of what it means to worship God. Worshipedia brings the theory and reality of worship together as an educational, applicational, and inspirational online study center. Currently featuring over 600 contributing editors and writers, research and assistance from more than 60 traditional Christian denominations, and insightful materials from thousands of texts and publications, Worshipedia is an ever expanding, living library of invaluable and timeless resources.

Biblical Foundations of Worship

  • An introduction to the Hebrew and Greek vocabulary (translated) of worship as well as a general survey of such themes as covenant, sacrifice, the numinous, the names of God, words of praise, and biblical symbolism in worship.
  • The history of worship in both testaments and to the various Israelite and Christian institutions of worship, such as the tabernacle, temple and synagogue, and house church worship in the New Testament.
  • Surveys of worship leadership in Scripture.
  • The place and use of festivals and the arts in biblical worship.
  • The biblical foundations for the various denominational practices of Christian worship.

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History of Christian Worship

  • Early Christian worship linking the New Testament period and the first centuries of church.
  • Historic Christian worship including Eastern Orthodoxy, the Reformation and post-Reformation eras (1600–1900), and the modern period.
  • Historic models of worship with commentary for every major tradition.
  • Theologies of worship as expressed in various communities of faith.
  • New directions in contemporary worship.
  • Preparing for personal and corporate worship renewal..

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Sunday's Structure, Style & Content

  • Summaries of the heritage and worship practices of more than fifty major Christian denominations.
  • Studies into how different traditions have adapted to innovations in worship renewal.
  • Examinations of the traditional patterns of worship.
  • A history of preaching and insights into the different styles of preaching.
  • Helpful ideas for worship planners and leaders.

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Music and the Arts in Worship

  • Summaries of all the forms and styles of the arts in Christian worship with an emphasis on music, the visual arts, drama, dance, architecture, mime, and the literary arts.
  • Studies from both the past and the present that provide historical developments, theological backgrounds, and practical applications.
  • An emphasis on the many roles music and the arts serve in worship.
  • Insight ways the arts contribute to worship renewal.
  • Resources for implementing or reintroducing music and the arts into a worshiping community.

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Worship Throughout the Year

  • The range and depth of Christian observances to facilitate understanding and practicing the Christian year intelligently, sensitively, and joyfully.
  • Explanations of how the Christian year came to be and the theological reasoning that supports it.
  • Summaries of the primary seasons of the Christian year: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, and the Easter season (including Pentecost).
  • Resources for planning seasonal worship with a number of sample services provided.

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Sacred Actions of Worship

  • An analysis of how Christian worship, from its very beginnings in first-century Jerusalem to its present practice around the world, has always been dependent on actions as well as words.
  • Biblical, historical, and contemporary descriptions of the acts of baptism, breaking of bread, washing of feet, anointing with oil, and laying on of hands.
  • Studies of the worldwide observance of Christian worship for the seasons of life—child dedication, marriage, and funerals.
  • Sacred actions within the Christian community—ordination and commissioning, reconciliation, anointing of the sick, foot-washing, and the solemn assembly.

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Ministry, Mission & Outreach

  • The range and depth of Christian observances to facilitate understanding and practicing the Christian year intelligently, sensitively, and joyfully.
  • Worship ministries within the church–pastoral care, spiritual formation, training children, initiation, and nurture.
  • The church’s outreach through worship practices–hospitality, evangelism, and social justice.

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