The Prayer Covenant

Making Disciples Among the Children and Youth of the Nations

About The Prayer Covenant

Our passion is to help children and adults know and understand God’s love for them and to equip them to grow into a lifestyle of prayer and evangelism.

Explore all the great resources available for free. Use these materials ­— books, prayer cards, videos — to help unpack the depth of the prayer covenant in your life and ministry.

Our Resources

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Pray for 40 Days

Pray The Prayer Covenant. Pray with your family, pray with your friends, pray with your church. Listen as you pray and see what God will do in and through your prayers.

Teach The Prayer Covenant

Use The Prayer Covenant book and and The Prayer Covenant for Children book in your family for devotions, share it with your home school group and church. Volunteer to teach the material and challenge the people in your life to pray.

Promote The Prayer Covenant

Download the free prayer card samples and hand them out to your church and community groups. Challenge people to pray and see what God does.

Contact us to see how we can help you with other promotional materials.

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