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WTK Mission

Our mission is to help you train everyone in your church who has a desire to learn an instrument and use it for the Glory of God. We come alongside you and offer every person in your church a way to explore and learn the foundations of music. As they grow, they will become a valuable part of the worship in your church.

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You can transform your Sunday morning worries into God-honoring, congregation-encouraging, stress-free worship time!

What to Do When You Have Nothing and Nobody

What if I told you the people you need to have a successful ministry are in your church right now? Do you believe that God will send you the right people?

  • Many people will sit in your church for years hiding their talent and abilities unless they are asked to serve and given clear direction for using their talents.

  • If you start training your church members now, you will arrive at a point where you never lack the musicians needed for your weekly worship services.

  • Better than paying outside musicians:  training members of your church family to lead worship will end the pay for play cycle and give you long term success.