Worship Underground

If You Are Passionate About Worship,
WU Is the Place for You.

About Worship Underground

Every movement in nature makes a sound.  Every MOVE OF GOD does as well—it’s the sound of
worship being birthed in dynamic churches, church movements, and ministries around the world
today. It’s the sound that He is pouring out through His servant songwriters that will draw listeners to
those churches and ministries.

Worship Underground is designed to deliver that “sound” to worshipers around the world. WU is not
a typical streaming service. We are a ministry dedicated to giving life to the very best new songs of worship—songs that will advance the move of God in the earth today and tomorrow.

How It Works

Worship Underground provides multiple streaming channels to deliver the best new and trending songs. Listeners add their favorite songs to their personal SongList and share that list with friends and church leaders. 

Every “play” and every “vote” helps those songs impact listeners around the world who then pass those songs along to other friends and church leaders.

Who We Serve

Our driving passion is to connect worshipers and worship leaders with the best new songs from dynamic churches, movements, ministries, and songwriters dedicated to sharing God’s love, grace, mercy, and power with all who listen.

That is the sound of God moving on this Earth!