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Stranded in Time (“Waiting,” Part 1)

 “The curtain comes down on the Old Testament with the prophet Malachi declaring that Elijah will be sent to the people, followed by years of silence…Four hundred years of silence.

Connecting God’s People to the Transforming Power of Worship

Church historians note that cycles of spiritual regeneration are typically preceded by a collective yearning for a deeper experience of celebrating and glorifying the Creator and His saving works. While we cannot, from a human perspective, predict when the Holy Spirit will next spark revival fires, declining attendance and apathy toward community outreach paint a bleak picture of the modern church’s condition – despite decades of church growth programs instituted among all the major denominations. 

The Arts and the Imago Dei, Part II

In an earlier post I stated that the doctrine of the imago dei says that we have at least three things:
1. The divine mandate to have dominion over the earth
2.  The mental, physical, and spiritual ability to obey that mandate
3. The innate spark of the creative drive

From Resignation to Expectation (Waiting, Part 2)

Resignation is a soul-deadening, light-obscuring posture of the soul. There is a hopeless inevitability in it that slowly shuts the door to God’s comforting light. When Zechariah the priest entered the temple to burn incense that day a double-portion of resignation is residing in his soul. As an Israelite, he is the member of a conquered people. As a man he is the husband of a barren wife.

Ministry, Mission & Outreach Sample Resource

 Worship and Personal Growth in Christ

Personal growth in Christ may involve passage through a series of stages of faith, as the worshiper moves from a faith transmitted by his or her worship community, through a faith forged in the crucible of personal questioning and struggle, to a mature faith which is constantly expanding in the integration of profession and life. Along the pilgrimage of faith, appropriate rites can mark the passage from one stage to another.