The Arts in Calvary Chapel Churches

Calvary Chapel uses contemporary music in worship but does not emphasize the visual arts.

Music. Music has always played a significant role in the life of Calvary Chapel. When the first Jesus’ people visited the Chapel in the late sixties, they brought a style of music with them that could relate to that generation. Through the ministry of Calvary Chapel, this music touched the world. Groups such as Love Song, as well as many solo artists, emerged from the chapel and began to perform concerts, minister on the streets, and travel to other churches. Their music was captured on paper and published through a fledgling arm of the church called Maranatha! Music, which became the first publisher to specialize in worship songs. Maranatha grew very large over the next twenty-plus years and was eventually sold. Another publishing resource, Asaph Publishing, is now affiliated with Calvary Chapel.

The area of the arts in worship, especially visual arts, has never been strongly emphasized by those within the leadership of the Calvary Chapel. While some Calvary chapels around the country may use certain aspects of visual arts, the use of banners and pageantry, liturgical dance, and other expressive forms in worship is not common.

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