I read this week about a woman who every week told her pastor about some new sin God was convicting her of. Finally, the minister said, “Does God ever say anything nice to you?”

When we receive Christ we receive a full pardon; the penalty for our sins is paid in full by Jesus. Does that mean we’re never going to fail? Of course not! It just means from that day forward when I fall short I acknowledge it, turn from it, and carry on.

Dr. Charles Cooley, renowned American sociologist, said, “Your self-esteem… is determined to a large degree by what you think the people or the person that matters most to you thinks about you.”

I want to suggest to you that you make Jesus Christ the most important person in your life. He is Lord of all and He says you’re acceptable, adequate, valuable, and forgivable. If you’re a follower of Christ let this message penetrate your soul. If you’ve never opened your heart and life to Jesus, why not do it today?

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