Struggles and Scripture

Virtually no one skates through life trouble-free. Surprises, sorrow, setbacks, stress, strife, struggle — no one is exempt! One of the countless advantages for the Christian in times of turmoil is having specific promises, given by God Himself, for specific problems — promises that come to pass every time! Fact is, there is not even … Read more Struggles and Scripture

Biblical Worship Described

The essence of worship is in finding satisfaction in God. Both the Old and New Testaments clearly confirms the essence of worship to be a life centered in and focused on finding one’s greatest satisfaction in God alone, beyond any “thing” or any “one” else.[1] It is a thoroughly personal endeavor. While people may attempt to categorize worship as public or personal (corporate or private), all worship is personal worship. Musicians may lead a congregation in corporate praise but, that which goes on in the heart – communication between God and man – can only be experienced personally. And, every person’s worship experience is different. This is because worship is experienced in the inner heart. The Psalmist of Israel re-enforces this notion:

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